Rodinhood is Rodin’s ‘Thinker’ meeting Robin Hood the ‘Doer’.

Rodin+Hood = Rodinhood.

Rodinhood is my personal blog and comprises ideas and experiences of my personal and business life. I would be happy to receive meaningful posts from contributors.

Anyone who likes any of the blog posts is free to reproduce the same without my permission. Do mention my blog’s name (Rodinhood.com) and link (www.rodinhood.com) as the source.


Alok ‘Rodinhood’ Kejriwal

Alok Kejriwal

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9 Responses to About

  1. Good to read about the non payment:) Thought you would have killed him by now!

  2. Raghu Khanna says:

    Hi Alok,

    Fantastic Initiative, last time I had a chance to exchange views with you was during TV shoot of CNBC’s Philips Simplicity Challenge (I was one of the finalist with my business idea)..Those few minutes of chat really inspired me and helped me to kick start my own company. This blog will help many to transform their ideas into reality.

    Raghu Khanna

  3. Murali says:

    Very useful and inspirative .. thank you

  4. Rakesh Waghela says:

    A Request !

    I remember a Digit Magazine Issue published back in 2005 when I was pursuing my Engineering. Yours was one of the Indian .com company which had survived the 2000 bubble. You had shared your view in the article. I would like to recollect those views on art of survival on this blog again 😉

  5. Koshy says:

    I liked the thought behind “Rodinhood” . I bumped into your site from a re-tweet. Then I realized that we have couple of common friends. It is a great idea to share your thoughts and your positions. it shows you can think and you have courage. Shall comment when I have something to say:-)

  6. Rupesh Kumar C. says:

    Hi Alok,
    I read your “Why service at India retail stores is so bad…” and I felt it be relevant to Indian retailers where they lack strategic implementation on the training and grooming a Sales staff. Being a Business Development myself in a retail company, I knew the amount of cost involved in setting it up & running a store. financially speaking, the store/brnads which think these criterias with respect to Sales people as cost- they are out of the business. they need to invest on them to reep benefits on the long run, probably differentiating from other retailers- which is much easier in India by giving better service. These corrections are expected in Indian retail in the coming years.

    Thanks for the write up.


  7. Susan Sharma says:

    Chanced upon your writings through CCAvenue news letter. Will keep reading.

  8. krishan says:

    Sunday morning reading “Business Lessons from Apple V/s Samsung” made me emulate my own imaginations as if I am Apple or Samsung what implies on me? But the stories did made some inquiry as how I would fix this situation.

    Well you know they guy who made electric bulb and the guy who invented radio died bankrupt? We also hear Apple design is not original?

    We all get ideas form somewhere, there’s difference between inventions and innovations.

    My reading habits I never read books and novels I buy all patents for one particular process or knowhow and develop out of the blue.

    I like your writing..

  9. hai sir I want to u r personal condact detiles that u r personal mobile&land phone number, e-mail id. so pls give that i will condact u soon. I have more doubt about the working systems

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