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  1. Abhishek sharma says:

    i read ur article in ET, 21st Aug,2011 issue. I had to say u were one of those few people who are actually making sense on this whole ANNA phenomenon. I wanted to express more but time restricts me. But one thing is sure, u have just made a constant visitor to this website.


  2. Bhuvnesh Thakar says:

    In response to your views published on 21st August.
    You have got ANNA Totally wrong. You have heard lots of other people. Have you heard ANNA? I watched complete interview STAR TV did. ANNA is very clear about goal and all he is doing. Below is point by point counterview to your Views.
    INTENT : ANNA also says corruption can not be 100% removed. It must be reduced by instilling fear in the minds of corrupt people. AS on today, there is no mechanism (What ever is there is already compromised and not transparent). And one must start some where. you can not just simply sit around saying corruption can not be removed 100% and hence, I will not do anything. I must try and reduce it atleast.
    METHOD : ANNA is not adamant on his bill. He just says govt. must come forward and declare why it does not want to include any of the provisions of JAN LOKPAL Bill in public. All negotiations with ANNA team and govt. must be in full public view. This will expose govt.’s real intent. But govt. does not want ithis bill. WHY? they are saying it is prerogative of SANSAD to prepare and pass a bill. ANNA is also saying same,. He is just saying why you do not include JAN LOKPAL BILL Provisions? That is it.
    PROMISE : ANNA is not offering a solution to be implemented. He is just showing a way. Which every one should follow and achieve a target. This is just the beginning. Like Polio eradication, Corruption can also be reduced and that can also happen the same way. BUt every system takes shape over a period of time. By trial and error, they will arrive at a best way to watch and eradicate corruption. but it takes time. even POLIO, after so many years and millions of money sepnt, is not totally eradicated, but reduced.
    END GOAL : End goal is tio instill fear in the mind so that people do not indulge in corruption. Today, fear is not there and hecen, so much corruption.

    You have every right to be pessimistic. And you may be right in some of your observations also. But, ANNA is getting so much support (Without paying any thing to those supporters who come to attned such meetings) because of every one is having it enough. they genuinely want to reduce (If not eliminate) corruption.

    I believe your view was shaped by all otehr people saying so many things about JAN LOKPAL. I suggest you watch ANNA himself fully and then shape your opiniion.

    Thanks for a wonderful website. Now, I will be a regular visitor.

    Bhuvnesh Thakar

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