Bangla Sahib

A shimmering palace standing strong
A valiant fortress
White is all I see
To cleanse my mind temporarily

A shimmering palace standing strong
A valiant fortress
White is all I see
To cleanse my mind temporarily

A tall bearded man with a savage sword
Greets me in the courtyard
I fear not – he looks kind – even smiles
The weapons of the heart are the scary ones

The shoe depository is planned well
The helpers there are like you and me
Handling shoes for hours – does it feel nice?
Is it ‘grounding’ the ego silently?

A pool before the steps to wash your feet
Is unclean
I avoid others peoples problems
Like I do this pool

Cover your head before you enter
Show the respect deserved
But can mere apparel
Ever hide the heinous mind?

The entrance is narrow but fast-moving
I long to enter and ‘escape’
Even small moments in our lives
Can buy memories to live long by

The main hall is red carpeted
We all are special it means!
People snaking towards the shrine
Murmuring words unknowingly

The stage is regal
Throbbing peace
A giant book is all I see
Can it set me free?

Men tumbling to the floor
Praying fervently
But do these men lower their heads
For friends, wife and family?

Three priests singing soothing songs
In monotone
Hearing these I think
Why do echo’s live if they have to die so quick?

I am satiated and out
A greasy glob of prasad handed free
It’s genuine spiritual nourishment
And I eat with glee

A pond adjoins the temple
A walk around it seems a must
Some men bathing – babies being dipped
How superstitious can we be?

New Delhi – 22/12/2002

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2 Responses to Bangla Sahib

  1. Sancharita says:

    Hi Alok,
    Started reading your blog today and must say that you got me hooked on to it. Its entertaining and inspiring at the same time. this poem caught me for its simple yet sensitive cord. If we do have so much faith love and respect for the invisible , why is it so difficult for it to pour out to living and breathing human beings around…

    PS. Your business blog ( Rodinhood ) is also equally brilliant .


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