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3 Responses to Content 2 Go

  1. Guruprasad G B says:

    Dear Mr Kejriwal ,
    This is in response to your article in Economic Times dated Aug 21st – 2011 ” Why Anna Does Not impress Me.

    I would like to say that I acknowledge your point of view however don’t agree with you. The intent of this response is not to fight back an argument with you , we have enough of those happening between the political parties , but to present the point of view of the lakhs of people supporting the Anna Hazare movement.

    I am an average Indian citizen and do not have the credentials and experience that you do. I work in the city of Mumbai and have entrepreneurial aspirations.

    Team ANNA is not trying to impose their bill in the Indian government system. They took an initiative to draft a bill with expert opinion and their experiences as citizens and their professional experiences. The Jan Lokpal Bill was presented to the entire nation and the nation supports it because we think that a tough bill like the Jan Lokpal Bill is the only way out of corruption. This is a common misconception many people and groups who are against the Jan Lokpal Bill.

    Nobody claims that this movement would end corruption. Even the most successful nation today has corruption at some level. But the scale and magnitude of corruption in India is so wide that it needs to be brought down to a level where people can survive if not progress. The reasons for poverty and illiteracy ARE corruption. There have been so many initiatives by the government to eradicate poverty and illiteracy with huge sums of money directed towards these issues. However due to corruption these monies have been diverted to the Swiss Bank accounts of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

    The people supporting the movement have not paralyzed any routine life and have no intention of doing so. The protests have been and am sure will be peaceful without causing any trouble to any citizen in any way. The people are not against the government or any party or individual. They are against CORRUPTION. In other words we are against the system and the disease which has infected this system. So fighting against corruption in Octroi naka in Mumbai will not help because the entire system of Octroi is corrupt. Even if Octroi in Mumbai is solved it doesnt make sense because the whole system in which the Octroi works is corrupt.

    The government is not the only one involved in the implementation of the Jan Lokpal Bill. With this movement thankfully the citizens will be more alert and aware of what is happening and hence more participative. Hence it is more realistic and practical which is evident in the draft of the Jan Lokpal Bill.

    End Goal
    Corruption has been eating away the quality of life and the peace of mind of the people.This is the first step towards eradicating corruption. It is a very difficult fight ahead because implementation is far more difficult. But then that is the case with anything in life isnt it ? I am sure you will know about that better then anyone. At least we have taken the first step. Even a start up requires a strong first step. If we are together with Team ANNA I am sure the implementation will happen.


    We may call it disruptive and pressure tactics , but this is the only language the government understands. Team ANNA tried persuasive and negotiation before starting this agitation. The government simply ignored it and that includes the opposition which is shocking. Any oppressive body anywhere in the world had to have a strong movement to counter it else it would have never resulted in any transformation. The fast and dharnas are to evoke the moral conscience of the people – us who have been sleeping. It is non violent and non destructive in any sense and we should be proud of it.


    We are celebrating our uprising. We are finally able to express ourselves which was impossible as we have always been suppressed and dictated. Lets face it. In India any citizen who tried to raise his voice was criminally stubbed and destroyed ! There maybe people who don’t know what is the exact content of the Jan Lokpal Bill but Team ANNA are doing everything to educate them which in stark contrast to what the government is doing. They are talking about everything but the JanLokpal Bill. Don’t you see it ? Their actions so clearly speak that they don’t want to debate the points in the Bill. They are always talking about the constitution, parliament and everything else. And even what they are saying about these is completely wrong !
    The young Indians must emulate the fight against injustice , to be able to demand their right, to express themselves completely and not be suppressed by people in power ! They are so lucky they are witnessing this movement which gives them the courage to stand up for their rights and fight injustice. The earlier generation was scared of politicians and power because the people in power were capable of doing anything to get their way. That included rape and even murder.

    What we did 50 years ago is still very practical and produces results. The ANNA movement is proof of this. In fact it is so superior that it produces results without damage. Non violent without physical damage capturing the intellect of people and their THOUGHT. Thought control and not physical control. It is like making profit without any investment !

    Please support this movement to minimize, if not end corruption. We have no idea what this movement has made possible. I dont think from now on we will compare ourselves to developed economies and feel backward. This movement has opened the doors to demand justice and hence progress , and if I may – progress at a very fast pace.

  2. kishor pahuja says:

    Whatever Anna and his team did has turned out to be BAKWAS. You dont need opinion pools to form a political party. Sab natak hai. They have proved that they were not serious about corruption but they had intentions to enter politics. RAJNNETI Zindabad

    • Gangadhar Bandi says:

      Dear Mr Kishor,

      In very short cut way you have opined that Anna Movement has turned out to be Bakwas. It is pity that people have short memories. More than seven lacs patriotic individuals have sacrificed their lives in the freedom movement. Their sacrifices are meant for betterment of lives of people and without suppression of freedom. What is happening in independent Bharat is totally contrary to the aspirations of the freedom fighters. Poor are becoming poorer and Rich are becoming richer. The economical imbalance is increasing. Only selected few families are minting money. The loot is happening and it is not happening without the knowledge of the Chairs in power. Each citizen is entitled to the right to the natural resources of the country but are you aware that few powerful people are snatching away these and majority of the people are not even aware of this. The root cause is corruption. The spoiled system of governance. Arvind Kejriwal has done a right thing in launching a political party and he is having support of the public. To clean the system strict Bill such as Jan Lokpal has to be passed and implemented. This can happen through the democratic process in Parliament. You and I should send right thinking people like Arvind to Parliament to bring change in governance and root out corruption. Aam Aadmi Zindabad.

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