Do you know how to say ‘Jump’?

In the early 90s, a lovely girl called Somya from a prominent business house was engaged to marry Mahesh (a scion and inheritor of one of India’s biggest business families). Theirs was to be the marriage of the decade. Somya’s father – Gulshan was the head of the family and managed the joint family business that included his brothers. One of the Gulshan’s younger brothers Sushant was not on good terms with Gulshan and was constantly litigating with him to separate the family assets and split the family fortune. Theirs was a raging bitter battle that had carried on for years.

On the wedding day of Somya and Mahesh, the baraat (a marriage ceremony in which the bridegroom goes to the wedding venue of the bride) had begun proceeding to Somya’s house. Just when Mahesh (the bridegroom) was about ten minutes away from his bride’s building, Sushant (the uncle) did something very dramatic. He climbed out of his flat window, stood on the ledge and threatened his elder brother Gulshan to agree to split the business failing which he would jump out, kill himself and derail the marriage. Something so horrendous had never happened before and would mar the reputation of Gulshan’s family forever.


Are you ready to JUMP?

Are you ready to JUMP?

Gulshan tried reasoning with Sushant and politely told him to respect the occasion and the family reputation, but Sushant would not yield.  The baraat was just two minutes away.

Gulshan then said something that I can never forget. He looked at Sushant, folded his hands and said ‘JUMP’.

Sushant was dumbstruck. He never jumped and climbed back inside. The marriage did go down as the marriage of the century.

The lesson to learn here is to have the courage to say ‘Jump’. To anything in your entrepreneurial or life’s journey that puts you in a corner.

Employees, Colleagues, Clients and Co-Partners.

All of them have individual aspirations. They partner with you since their vision and yours is the same. However, things change and that’s when you have to be unyielding in your conviction as well as in your beliefs.

In each appraisal cycle, we face challenges, when our co-workers expect larger than affordable salaries. You have to have the courage to take the risk of losing them rather than ruining your business. Most of the times when you recommend your colleagues to quit and move on, they stay back.

Clients always test the limit to which you will bend, negotiate and yield and will pretend to not be interested in your proposal. But when when you really walk away, trust me, they will come back running.

I still remember a pre-board meeting in which one of my investors asked my CEO to change the business direction fundamentally and present it to the board. He refused. The investor indicated that he would fire the CEO and that he had the support of the other investors if he didn’t do as instructed. My CEO asked him to ‘Jump’. In the board meeting the next month, we went through the usual rigors and my CEO and I were dreading the dismissal motion to come up any moment.  It never did. The investors stayed on the ledge and climbed back in.

(Names of people in the marriage example have been changed to protect privacy).

I would like to dedicate this post to my Contests2win COO Raj ‘babu’ Menon together with whom I have told lots of folks to jump.  This shorter crisper blog format is also his recommendation.

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9 Responses to Do you know how to say ‘Jump’?

  1. Renu says:

    Hi! This is good. Thanks!

  2. Aalok says:

    :) Alok. Nice one. Trust you have struck a very correct chord. In the journey towards Entrepreneurship, there would be two kinds, one, who would always blackmail you, or they ‘jump’, the second neither jump, nor blackmail you. Its the second kind, this kiss your parasite, and slow down. Now we learn, how to ask them to ‘jump’, or we’l change the course of the ‘baraat’. :)
    keep writing.

  3. Jayesh says:

    Great Article… Alok
    I think in the entrepreneurship journey you got to have the courage to say “JUMP”.
    Keep Writing …

  4. Prosad Sen says:

    This is very true Alok. I, in my small career have faced similar situations a couple of times. But only the ones that I managed to study very closely and was confident about the genuineness of my proposal, were the ones I managed to pull off even after turning my back on the client’s pressurizing techniques. I also lost out on a couple of important deals. I understand that if one has made a sincere appeal and caught the attention of the client while making a pitch the first time, one has high chances of being called back. But, Alok, with your long experience, could you manage to draw the line and figure out what are the important tenets in a deal which if followed, makes one confident or increases the chances of the client coming running after you have left.

    • Rodinhood says:

      Prosad, honestly, no one knows what the client is thinking. And what their real needs are. Its best to put your best proposal forward, neither be greedy nor foolish and then let the intent of both parties take control. Its like pricing – no one knows.

  5. Chakra says:

    Aalok, how would you handle a majority partner who keeps the salaries down to rock bottom and still distribute handsome dividends and still says JUMP?

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