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Mr. Marwari – Have you met Mr. Tata?

He chuckled and said’ ‘What nonsense! The first rule of the funding game is to siphon out 25% of the funds and make yourself-rich. Investors can be dealt with later’ Continue reading

Do you visit your eye doctor when you want to lose weight?

There is this amazing confusion between Insurance and Investments that cloud people’s minds. Its almost like visiting and Eye Doctor to lose weight! Continue reading

A Diamond is an Entrepreneur’s best friend..

India is the Diamond that can be an Entrepreneurs best friend. Its all about D-Diligence, I -Intelligence, A -Age profile, M – Markets, O – Owners, N – Neutrality and D – Destiny – the qualities that India possesses and makes it a very valuable Diamond. Continue reading

Do you eat Rice and Curry Sambhar with Chopsticks?

If you try and eat Rice and Curry Sambhar with a pair of Chopsticks, the results will be disastrous. Almost like cutting a pasting different business models across geographies… Continue reading

The 6 Dangerous Bombs in Share Holders Agreements & how entrepreneurs can diffuse them.

Rodinhood made sure to check Definitions, Pre-Emptive Rights, Representations and Warranties, Restrictions on Shares, Tag Along Rights & Drag Along Rights in the Share Holders Agreement sent to him for approval Continue reading

So you think you can ‘Start-Up’? Take my FURNACE test first…

Ready for the FURNACE test?   Almost every other day I get an odd mail from someone in a B-School or working in a corporate job wanting to ‘start-up’.  I am polite to all of them saying ‘think again’ but … Continue reading

The 3 deadly weapons (in term sheets) that Kill Entrepreneurs..

Rodinhood’s comment was that if VC means Venture Capital, it should remain Venture Capital and not Vampire Capital. Hence, the fair multiple was 1x of the principal back and NOT 2x or 3x etc, etc, in favor of the VCs. 1x ensured return of Capital and nothing more if the Company was sold in extraneous circumstances. Continue reading

Which Train are you Riding?

The train is my metaphor of travelling – not distances but careers and lives, and how the decisions that we make may turn into the best or worst journeys ever!…..You can choose to be a Subway rat or board the Inter-City, Long Haul and even Cross Country Train! Continue reading