Hemis lessons

The Hemis Monastery

Large flat stone slabs
Lead the way up
In the thin air
The mind is fuzzy

A small entrance opens into
A beautiful courtyard with embellished walls
Say less do more
Seems to be the lesson here

Many monks in traditional garb
Shuffling their time away
They are neither rushed nor lazy
Just dancing to the beat of their hearts

Have you heard you heart?
Do you know your heart?
The music in your heart
Have you danced to it at all?

The temple is locked – so keys are requested
An entry granted for a few minutes
The Buddha doesn’t mind being locked inside
His mind is freed from imprisonment

Aren’t we free outside and trapped within?
Every day another scratch
On the walls on existence
It’s a life term after all

Coloured bulbs and water saucers
At the feet of the Buddha
Ancient books lie neatly stored
In cupboards against the walls

The stone slabs seem easy
When you climb down
Its fun to conquer heights
There is a story to tell below.

Ladakh – 14/5/2003

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One Response to Hemis lessons

  1. Smita says:

    Very interesting… and symbolic description of Hemis! In fact this reminds me of a feeling of “completely letting go” at the Thiksey Monastery – the amazingly strong winds on the roof top can sweep one off…and take away all the pent up hurt and angst within….leaving one to feel so much at peace.

    Thanks for penning down this one…

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