Enjoy these short stories that happen on the planet of!

The Ride.

Moneybags said, ‘That’s not my style. I will still pay you double. I like to travel First Class. Even if the seats are the same, I will expect you to pretend to respect me more when I pay you double. So, it’s First Class. Capito?’…In the sky, the Setting Sun hand shook the Rising Sun. The rays of both Suns hit the Cab and suddenly a realization dawned: Services, Products and Platforms were all value creators and equally important. It was an entrepreneur’s choice to take up any of these routes. Continue reading

The Purple Well

On the corner of Enterprise Ave and Destiny Street shimmered a beautiful round & purple elliptical neon sign that read ‘The Purple Well’…….

‘Never twist your Armani Collar. They aren’t made to be twisted’ she chuckled as she held out her slim palm out to shake hands with Moneybags….

Sia said ‘Sure, how about a nice freshly tossed Rodinhood Salad? It’s a nice mixed salad with emphasis on artichokes and romaine with a sprinkling of marinated tofu, drenched in a rather romantic Cognac dressing’. Continue reading

A Stormtrooper pays me a visit…

Are you humanoid 257142 of Inter Galactic Milky way planet Earth immediately hissed a menacing electronic voice……

There is no good or bad side. It’s just what you believe in. It’s all about a balance between two sides. In case of entrepreneurs, so many decisions can be labeled as ‘dark side’.

Stormtrooper spoke ‘I think your readers will benefit from just understanding how we function – not why we function. We are extremely organized. We know exactly what to do and how to do it. Entrepreneurs often don’t get into the finer details of execution and that harms them quickly’. Continue reading

Yoda visits Rodinhood

Yoda – ‘Rodinhood, I believe entrepreneurs are the new Jedi Knights. The military battles of the universe are over and economic battles have begun…..I see massive Armies of Disruption coming. Also, Change Agents that are neither easy to handle nor subdued in their aggression are storming the Galaxies…..Change has the complexion of the Dark Side. Think and think hard. Change comes unannounced and often at times when you least want it….You must as an entrepreneur learn to conceal pain and troubles and carry on as if nothing bothers you.

Continue reading

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