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I would like to thank my wife Chhavi who is my editor and Chief Critic Office :-)

Also, thanks to Sumant Mandal of Clearstone Venture Partners who inspired me to start blogging!

Anyone who likes any of the blog posts is free to reproduce the same without my permission. Do mention my blog’s name ( and its link ( as the source.

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9 Responses to Thanks

  1. Christie says:

    Just wanted to say a big thankyou! After a longtime found a blog so interesting that I read all your articles (on afaqs). Will make for a good book too someday soon :) Best Wishes!

  2. Bhavesh Kothari says:

    Really Impressed by your blog.. each and every word makes sense as it narrates the agony and pain which We Consumers go through that to by paying for it rather than paying for the actual product.

  3. Lakshmi Prasad J says:

    The articulation in your writings is amazing. Enjoyed reading your blog.

  4. Samir Dahotre says:

    Alok Kejriwal is one of the most profound thinkers of this century and comparable to previous century greats like Eisntein, Learnado Da Vinci, Gandhi… who did not care the status quo… they wanted to change the status quo.

    While his track record is enviable like so many others, he has taken time out to explain to us what it takes to create such a track record which our tech greats like Mark Z, Steve J, Bill G dont. In a way he is like google… to share the success and make others successful.

    rodinhood is invaluable in offering real guidance,… and as always…. am inspiration!!!

  5. Your blogs are intresting .I just started reading it one a day.I just forwared your blog about MBS to my sons and wife.I just finished reading the book by “Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose” by Tony Hsieh(Zappos CEO).Start writing books Alok,not only you will sell a lot,you will educate lot of people.

  6. I met Alok, and was impressed by him. A nice guy. I love his ideas, his courage to try new stuff and knows where he is going. All the best Alok.

  7. Mithu Basu says:

    I feel like doing a cut paste of all the comments and owning it as my comment. Not for the laziness of having to write but because I agree with every sentiment written. To add my own 6 words…’AK you are every entrepreneur’s loadstar’

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