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  1. Arvind Patil says:

    I read your article in Sunday’s ET. Currently no one in country is debating if there should be a Lokpal bill or not, even current govt has put a bill. Your article has only complained about Jan lokpal without even going into details. Today, corruption has attributed to generation of black money and black money effects every sphere of life whether directly or indirectly. It is not correct to say that there are other issues that are more important. In any system there are only few bottlenecks and causes, the rest of them are just the manifestation or effect. If corruption is reduced the other issues will just go away or reduced. And I can debate on this. So your article has taken a very limited view of Jan lokpal. Articles like this actually misguide people. It is also your responsibility to tell what is the drawback of govt Lokpal bill. You cannot just write against any one and that too without giving any thing substantial. I hope next time you shall be more responsible and sensible in your writing

  2. Manish Jethwani says:

    Hi Alok,

    Just a suggestion; tab is linked to this page; ideally it can be directly linked to the site since the tagline itself is self explanatory – Where Enterprising People Meet!

    btw; love the SRK piece..

  3. A K MEHRA says:

    Read yr ECELLENT writeup on 5 bitter biz lessons—Rajat Gupta
    I am impressed . Keep it up
    Kind regards,

  4. A K MEHRA says:

    Read yr EXCELLENT writeup on 5 bitter biz lessons—Rajat Gupta
    I am impressed . Keep it up
    Kind regards,

  5. Gangadhar Bandi says:

    I read your article in ET of Sunday, 25th November 2012. Like many other critics you have jumped to conclusion that Arvind Kejriwal’s sole agenda is to expose scams. You need to study him more closely before commenting on his agenda. Anyway, “Good recognizes Good”. Arvind is capable of leading this country aand take the nation to new heights. He can provide better and clean governance replacing the present few who are looting the nation, witnessed by all of us. He is right in launching the AAm Aadmi Party. Ruling party has been saying that any Bill is passed in Parliament and neither in Ramleela Maidan nor on Roads by public. People have elected them and hence they can take the public for a ride. You might have also realised from the recent scams that there is no difference between the ruling party or the opposition, both are same when it comes to money matters. Enough is enough. People want an alternative group of people to be sent to Parliament to replace the present lot of power mongers. The days are not far off that you will see Arvind in his rightful place which you have denied even in your thoughts. You have boosted a lot about Manmohanji but escaped from putting the facts that he failed as PM of this great nation with background of his studies in economics . He should have gracefully stepped down from the post of PM when he cannot please the coterie / lobby which is expecting him to do things wrong and detrimental to the development of the country. “Paise ped pe nahi ugthe hai.” Aam Aadmi knows about it and we don’t need a PM to teach lessons from Lal killa to the nation. I am asking you and the PM where is the money which has been collected from all the tax payers going. If Elections are the root cause of Corruption, what is the solution. Bring in and implement strict laws to prevent it. I expect you to be neutral while yawning whether it is day or night for peaceful sleep either side. Mai hu AAm AAdmi.

  6. Srinivas M says:

    It was sometime back that Alok commented on this forum, ‘Why not a school for Entrepreneurship?!’. I immediately replied that we will try to do something about this.It may indeed be apt to quote Richard Branson’s article that 2014 is going to be the year of the entrepreneur.
    A few days back, I happened to attend a get together of entrepreneurs at Hyderabad, addressed by seasoned entrepreneurs who have made it big. The doubts that were asked by most of the audience, who are budding entrepreneurs, made us revisit this thought. It would be true that entrepreneurs with formal education and guidance from experienced mentors will have a much faster and better chance for success. We at Master Mentors would soon be launching a gobally accredited MBA program on entrepreneurship in tie-up with a european university. We welcome investors to support the deserving budding entrepreneurs in shaping up their ventures by providing seed capital while we would be mentoring them with our collective experience and corporate tie-ups. Anyone interested may please write to me at Regards, Srini +91 99590 62111

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